Please check back 

Before starting your training classes or private lessons contact Chris and come to an orientation.  

This is your training program. 

During orientation we would decide together the best plan for you to train your dog.

You will get an ID and password and then your schedule is all up to you. You sign into the website and decide which classes you would like to attend. You can come the same day each week or change days.  You can skip weeks or months too. 

Pay for classes either online with a credit card or in person by check or cash. 

These classes are designed to fit your schedule.

The building is a large air conditioned, heated space with padded flooring. Even though the area is roomy I only have 4 dogs in each class.  This allows plenty of time for one on one instruction.  

$90.00  5 weeks of puppy classes attend both classes a week for the same price

$200.00 12 classes or 6 classes & 2 private lessons  and then renew for only $180.00 

$145.00 8 classes $145.00 or 4 classes & 1 private lesson

$50.00 Private Lesson in the building