Great Canines Levels Classes  NEW CLASS SCHEDULE

Classes are ongoing. Enrollment is rolling.  When you are ready to start we are ready to teach. Check out our flexible scheduling options.  You choose your session length and when to train. Go at your own pace.

Definitely not your average class of sit, down, stay.  Learn while you and your dog are having fun and playing games.  Connect with your dog.

Flexible Scheduling for Classes

1 - Fill out the registration form.  We will meet for a complimentary introductory lesson combined with an orientation and decide what works best for you.

2 - During our meeting  I'll give you an ID and password so you can purchase credits and start signing up for classes. It is that easy.

You can come to the same class weekly or skip weeks. You can change the day of the week you would like to attend class. It is your program.  

These classes are designed for flexibility.  Contact Chris to meet for orientation  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out a REGISTRATION FORM and Chris will contact you.


First you purchase credits and then use the credits to take classes or private lessons.

Each class uses 1 credit.  Each private lesson uses 2 credits.

Credits maybe be purchased individually for $20.00 or if you buy 12 credits for $220.00 then the next set of credits will cost $200.00. 

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